Valerie Sue

Friday, October 13, 2006

What's the deal????? I keep trying to leave a comment for you mom but all week long everytime I click on the comments it won't open. I wait about 5 minutes and by that time I am frusterated and I leave the site. So sorry I keep trying to leave a comment I like the blue. I was having problems with adding a picture the other day and never got it until the next day. So I am experiencing problems with my blog as well mom. I had a nice break today. After this week I needed it. I went on a fieldtrip with Logan today and took the day off from daycare. I think soon I will be lighter on the daycare load. I think a problem family will soon be quiting after this week. YEAH!!! Jon has been working long hours he is gone 12 hours a day. I hate it. This morning I asked him if he was still a part of this family. He said we'll talk about it tonight. If he comes home that is. He's never here anymore. I'm glad I joined the club I'm still going three days a week and everytime I do a little better. I started out on the exersize bike and later switched to the treadmill. I started off running and could only last 5 minutes running at first last night I ran 1.55 miles and lasted 16 minutes. I am down 5 pounds the weekends are a little tougher on me with eating. I still am pop free. Glad to here you bought some yarn. Later Love, Valerie

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hey I think my picture is going to work now. These are pictures of the kids from this weekend at the apple orchard.

We saw some snow today. Nothing that stuck to the ground. Just some big snow flakes coming down. And it was about 35 degrees here today. COLD.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

We had another fun weekend. The weather is changing. They say it might snow here tomorrow. No thanks. I'm not ready for that. The weather over the weekend was pretty nice about 75 degrees on Saturday a little cooler on Sunday with light rain here and there. How can you have that and three days later have snow??? So we had to take advantage of the nice weather. Seeing as I can't stand to sit in the house all weekend. I do that all week long. So on the weekends we are always busy. We took the kids to the apple orchard. It was fun! We decided to try a new one this year it was pretty huge. Lots of apple trees, lots of pumpkins, raspberries, animals, etc.. I have some cute pictures of the kids from the apple orchard I wanted to post, however I have been trying all day to get a picture on my post. IT'S NOT WORKING. I'm getting frusterated I'll try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We had a fun weekend in the camper with Jon's Mom and Bruce. The weather was great we saw some fall leaves. Got to relax. Logan is getting good at riding his bike with no trainning wheels. Now he has to teach Hanna. I gave my notice for my rate increase to the daycare parents. I was a little nevous about it. But everyone signed it and agreed to it. They were actually thanking me, telling me that they appriciate everything that I do for their children. No one complained. I gave them a months notice, so I am getting a raise in 4 weeks, yeah! I'm excited about that. Jon's working long hours again. He was gone from 7am to 10pm yesturday. That's another reason why I love the fitness club membership. I don't feel like I'm sitting around the house all night waiting for him to get home. I have to go five kids here better take them outside or something.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Two weeks with no pop. And I've made it to the club twice this week. We're going again tonight. I bring the kids with me they love it their, so do I. We haven't gotten Jon to check it out yet. He says he has no interest???? I'm down 3 pounds so far. It's a start! I have to clean a house in the morning, but when I get done tomorrow we are going for a fall leave drive in Jon's moms RV. We are going down towards Iowa. And we'll be spending the night in the camper. Jon got a job offer and he is officially back to work this week. YEAH!!! I am working on my daycare policy book. It's been about a year and a half now and I am going to raise my rates. That will make me feel better. Who doesn't want a raise??? The fitness club membership cost me $75 a month. Plus I have been using their tanning beds once a week. It's $5 a time to tan. I figure my rate increase for my daycare will be about $100 a month, and it will cover my club membership and tanning once per week. It's perfect. Well I have a picture of the kids from last month when we went camping with Nate's family. Last weekend when we went out in the boat I left the camera in the car, oops. So I don't have any pictures of our boat experience.

Monday, September 25, 2006

We took the kids fishing this weekend. Hanna caught the most fish. She got to keep a big sunny, but we had to let some go back in to the lake so they could grow bigger. Jon caught a giant Bass. We're gonna eat it. We have a boat. Logan and Jon use it the most. But we got Jon to tape the Vikings game on Sunday so that we could spend the day on the lake in the boat with the kids instead. It was fun. I went to the fitness club Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for a workout. Not bad for my first week. And I have gone a full week with NO POP!!!!!!! That was hard considering that I am a 4 a day coke drinker. The kids had school picture's today. I had to put in a call to the principal this morning. Who schedules Rollerblading with a helmet on for an hour, and then Sloppy Joe's for lunch and then school pictures. Ridiculos, so after a phone call to the principal I was able to rearange Hanna's day for her. Sometimes I just don't know about these people. So anyway's I can't wait to see their school pictures. I made them take showers this morning before school. Not easy to do when you have a house full of nine kids in the morning. But thanks to Jon's help we got it done. Okay that's all for now. I'm off to change a pooooooooooooooooooooooopy diaper.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Okay, I'll put up a new post. I joined the Health Club yesturday. I took the kids to the club today and we had lots of fun in the pool. Jon stayed home to watch the Vikings of course. He can't miss a game and I can't stand to watch a game. So I guess me and the kids found something fun to do on Sundays while Jon watches his Vikings games. My plan is to go and work out 2-3 days per week. We'll see if I can do it. Nothing much else is new. Logan seems to be getting a cold now that he has started school. So many germs. Hanna had a sleep-over at her friends house the other night for a birthday party. Six girls I'm glad it wasn't at my house. That's too many for a sleep-over. She had fun.